A Prospective Audit of Urinary Tract Infection Incidence following the use of Endosheath® for Flexible Cystoscopy

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Omar Al-Mula Abed
Shaun Trecarten
Shahid Islam
Ananda Kumar Dhanasekaran



To assess the incidence of bacteriuria and urinary tract infection following use of Endosheath®, and to assess patient comfort and satisfaction post-procedure.

 Patients and Methods

One hundred thirty-five patients undergoing Endosheath® flexible cystoscopy (FC) were prospectively identified. Patients were excluded if pre-procedure urinalysis or symptoms suggested infection. Those who underwent FC were asked to provide a urine sample 72 hours post-procedure, assessing for bacterial culture and sensitivity. Patients completed a questionnaire assessing comfort, pain and whether they would recommend the procedure to others if required.


Of the 135 patients, 117 patients returned their post-procedure samples and processed. Thirteen (11.1%) of the urine cultures samples were positive. Four (3.4%) of this 13 patients had symptoms of urinary tract infection (UTI) and were treated with antibiotics. One hundred and seven (79%) patients found the procedure comfortable and 104 (77%) patients would recommend the procedure to others.


Flexible Cystoscopy utilising Endosheath® appears to have comparable incidence of bacteriuria and UTI post procedure compared with standard FC, and is well tolerated by most patients.


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Al-Mula Abed, O., Trecarten, S., Islam, S., & Dhanasekaran, A. K. (2018). A Prospective Audit of Urinary Tract Infection Incidence following the use of Endosheath® for Flexible Cystoscopy. Journal of Endoluminal Endourology, 1(1), e21-e27. https://doi.org/10.22374/jeleu.v1i1.6
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