Renal Metastasis from Submandibular Gland Adenocarcinoma First Reported Patient in Literature History

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M D Ahmed
N Tofazzal
R Nirula
J A Thomas
Ananda Kumar Dhanasekaran


This paper presents a patient of primary submandibular gland adenocarcinoma later presenting with renal metastasis. Renal cancers are known for its predisposition to unusual metastasis to other organs. On the contrary, renal metastasis from salivary gland tumours are extremely rare with none reported from the submandibular gland to date. Hence the significance of adequate history taking, immunohistochemical identification of pathology and multidisciplinary approach in the management of such rare clinical presentation is discussed here. Metastatic disease should always be a differential when evaluating cancer patients regardless of the interval since previous disease or rarity of occurrence.


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Ahmed, M. D., Tofazzal, N., Nirula, R., Thomas, J. A., & Dhanasekaran, A. K. (2019). Renal Metastasis from Submandibular Gland Adenocarcinoma First Reported Patient in Literature History. Journal of Endoluminal Endourology, 2(3), e1-e4.
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