Holmium Laser Treatment of an Obstructive Ureterocele in an Adult Patient: A Case Report and Video

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Omer Abdalla
Yih Chyn Phan
Seshadri Sriprasad


Adult Ureteroceles are uncommon, majority of which are asymptomatic and commonly found incidentally. Surgical deroofing is indicated in patients with bothersome symptoms or complications secondary to ureteroceles. Several deroofing techniques has been described in the literature including nephroscopic scissors, collin's knife, and use of lasers in the last two decades became popular.  Herein we report a case and demonstare our technique of using Holmium laser to treat an adult with symptomatic obstructive unilateral ureterocele. 


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Abdalla, O., Phan, Y. C., & Sriprasad, S. (2019). Holmium Laser Treatment of an Obstructive Ureterocele in an Adult Patient: A Case Report and Video. Journal of Endoluminal Endourology, 2(1), e37-e40. https://doi.org/10.22374/jeleu.v2i1.27
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