Endometriosis and the Ureter An Endourological and Gynaecological Risk Assessment for Protection of the Ureters

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Richard Daron Smith, MA BMBCh MD FRCS(Urol)
Alfred Cutner, MD FRCOG


We present the details of 3 patients who were referred to our endometriosis centre for multidisciplinary care with deep infiltrating endometriosis. The pre-operative assessments, intra-operative gynaecological findings and treatment and post-operative urological follow up are discussed to illustrate the specific considerations required to optimise their urological management.


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Smith, R. D., & Cutner, A. (2018). Endometriosis and the Ureter: An Endourological and Gynaecological Risk Assessment for Protection of the Ureters. Journal of Endoluminal Endourology, 1(2), e15-e26. https://doi.org/10.22374/jeleu.v1i2.18
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