De novo Stone Formation in Ureteric Stump Post-Nephrectomy

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Ahmed Mohamed
Omer Abdalla
Banan Omer
Sanjeev Madaan
Seshadri Sriprasad


Introduction: The leftover ureteric stump after a simple nephrectomy is rarely symptomatic. Here, we report a unique case of ureteric stump stones that likely developed de novo and patients became symptomatic.

Case Report: We report the case of a 53-year-old female, who had benign right nephrectomy for a non-functioning kidney 17 years ago and presented with three years history of recurrent urinary tract infections and right-side abdominal pain. A continuous unenhanced computed tomography scan confirmed the presence of multiple de novo stones in the leftover ureteric stump, which was successfully treated by an open transperitoneal ureteric stumpectomy. She was asymptomatic at 12 months post-operative follow-up. We describe problems of leftover ureteric stumps and the possible pathophysiology of the stones formation in this group of patients.

Conclusion: Albeit rare, various symptoms and complications can develop in the leftover stump, including stumpitis, urinary tract infections, and calculi. Therefore, discussion with patients of ureteric stump complications is recommended.


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Mohamed, A., Abdalla, O., Omer, B., Madaan, S., & Sriprasad, S. (2023). De novo Stone Formation in Ureteric Stump Post-Nephrectomy. Journal of Endoluminal Endourology, 6(1), e1-e5.
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