Published: 2018-04-10


The Birth of a New Subspecialty

Daron Smith
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Original Article

Cost Analysis and Service Delivery on Using Isiris α™ To Remove Ureteric Stents

Yih Chyn Phan, Jonathan Cobley, Wasim Mahmalji
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A Prospective Audit of Urinary Tract Infection Incidence following the use of Endosheath® for Flexible Cystoscopy

Omar Al-Mula Abed, Shaun Trecarten, Shahid Islam, Ananda Kumar Dhanasekaran
Abstract 120 | pdf Downloads 28

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Point of Technique

Stones in Dystopic Kidneys

Mohammed El Hadi, Nisha Ranga, Shabi Ahmad
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Case Reports

A Novel Technique for Performing Retrograde Pyelogram through a Ureteric Stent

Jonathan Josepth Cobley, Wasim Mahmalji
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“Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place” – Until the Patterson Forester Extra Anatomic Stent Bailed Us Out

Feras Al Jaafari, Daniel W Good, Sanjay Pillai
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