A Multi-Centre Snapshot Study Comparing Acute Urological Admissions during the COVID-19 Lockdown to a pre-COVID Period

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Nyemahame Okwu
Manoj Ravindraanandan
Rhiann Davies
Sachin Yallappa
Paul Rajjayabun



COVID-19 has had a devastating effect around the globe with over 560,000 deaths and 12.8 million people now infected as of 13 July according to WHO, 2020. Our study looked at the pandemic's effect on acute admissions across two institutions compared to the same time (23 March to 30 April) in 2019.


We collected data using records from the hospital’s coding department, analysed patients discharge letters, and grouped patients by their final diagnoses. We also looked at variances in daily acute admission numbers. Statistical analysis was performed using the Chi-squared test and descriptive statistics.


One hundred seventy-six patients were admitted in 2019 and 92 patients in 2020. There was a 58% significant reduction in acute admissions in 2020 (p<0.0000226).

Five (5.43%) patients died in 2020 compared to four (2.27%) in 2019, and the most common presentation was renal colic, 23% rising to 29% in 2020.


There was a significant reduction in acute urological admissions during the UK lockdown period. Possibly as a consequence, the mortality rate doubled. Further analysis with larger cohorts is recommended for future studies.


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Okwu, N., Ravindraanandan, M., Davies, R., Yallappa, S., & Rajjayabun, P. (2020). A Multi-Centre Snapshot Study Comparing Acute Urological Admissions during the COVID-19 Lockdown to a pre-COVID Period. Journal of Endoluminal Endourology, 3(4), e32-e36. https://doi.org/10.22374/jeleu.v3i4.107
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